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  • When Mystic Masters Meet
    Syafaatun Almirzanah When Mystic Masters Meet kitap "This book is a study of the role of mystical discourse and experience can play in Christian-Muslim dialogue as a subset of interfaith dialogue in general. It concentrates on the work of two great medieval mystic masters, one Muslim, the other
  • Yes, I Would Love Another Glass Of Tea
    Katharine Branning Yes, I Would Love Another Glass Of Tea kitap Yes, I Would... comprises a series of imaginary letters written to Lady Mary Montagu, whose famous Embassy Letters were written in 1716-1718 during her stay in Turkey as the wife of the English ambassador. The author uses themes dear to Lady Mary, such
  • Practical Recipes
    Ömür Akkor Practical Recipes kitap Though the peoples of Anatolia have known many different cultures, food has always been at the center of those cultures. Combining the incredibly diverse influences with a geography rich in fresh ingredients, Turkish culture has developed a rich food
  • Turkey's Path to Democratization: Barriers, Actors, Outcomes
    Muhammed Çetin Turkey's Path to Democratization: Barriers, Actors, Outcomes kitap In this timely book the author addresses a number of key questions about Turkey's hard road to democratization. Is it still underway? What are the hindrances or blockages? What are the motivations and roles of civil society groupings in this evolving
  • Seljuk Cuisine
    M. Ömür Akkor Seljuk Cuisine kitap Many empires have left their mark on Anatolian culture. And above all, these diverse influences can be seen in the varied cuisines eaten all over modern day Turkey. In his book Seljuk Cuisine, Ömür Akkor looks at the cuisine of one of the earliest
  • Best Egg Recipe
    Ömür Akkor Best Egg Recipe kitap This book presents a variety of egg dishes, from the Ottoman days to the present. In addition, the book not only features recipes for egg dishes, but also discusses their place among other Ottoman and Turkish dishes. It includes dishes that date back to
  • Healthy Desserts
    Ömür Akkor Healthy Desserts kitap Dessert has become an almost irreplaceable part of Turkish cuisine. But lately, the use of refined sugars had made dessert an unnecessary - and unhealthy - splurge. Yet it doesn't have to be that way. Digging into traditional recipes, chef Ömür Akkor
  • Ottaman Cuisine
    M.Ömür Akkor Ottaman Cuisine kitap The Ottoman Empire lasted for 600 years and stretched across three continents at its height. There was an extraordinary diversity of cultures, flora, and fauna across this vast empire - and that meant for a rich, varied cuisine. Going all the way back to
  • Language of the Heart - Kalbin Dili
    İbrahim Erdem Language of the Heart - Kalbin Dili kitap
  • incredible Ottoman Projects
    Turan Şahin incredible Ottoman Projects kitap During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, one of the largest and lasting empires in history, many great architectural projects were developed at the request of sultans. As was the practice of all great sovereigns, the Ottoman sultans constructed huge
  • Reflections On Turkey
    Mehmet Kalyoncu Reflections On Turkey kitap
  • Family A Safe Haven in A World Of Turbulence
    Mustafa Mencütekin Family A Safe Haven in A World Of Turbulence kitap This collection of articles that have been published afore on The Fountain magazine seeks reasonable answers to the vital question of how a new ideal of family could be constructed without passing over the spirit of time, be it called as "modern or
  • Moon Queen
    Katharine Branning Moon Queen kitap Mahperi, wife and mother of sultans, is at the center of this saga which unfolds amidst the turbulent backdrop of the 13th century Seljuk Empire of Turkey. Mahperi the Moon Queen shone as brightly as the moon she was named for, surviving with dignity in
  • Private and Royal Life in the Ottoman Palace
    İlber Ortaylı Private and Royal Life in the Ottoman Palace kitap Topkapı Palace was the official and primary residence of the Ottoman sultans for almost four centuries of their 624-year reign. This illustrated guide to Topkapı Palace-the heart of a vast transcontinental empire until the mid-nineteenth
  • Ideology in Turkish Cinema
    Mustafa Mencütekin Ideology in Turkish Cinema kitap