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Denise Kirby - Yazarın kitapları

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  • Death at Hadrian's Wall
    20,00 TL
    Denise Kirby Death at Hadrian's Wall kitap
  • Murder Weekend
    22,00 TL
    Denise Kirby Murder Weekend kitap
  • The Black Night
    20,00 TL
    Denise Kirby The Black Night kitap
  • What Happened at Seacliffe
    22,00 TL
    Denise Kirby What Happened at Seacliffe kitap
  • Body on the Rocks
    24,00 TL
    Denise Kirby Body on the Rocks kitap
  • Hot Air
    20,00 TL
    Denise Kirby Hot Air kitap Donna and her family are going on a ballooning weekend in the country. ‘It’s going to be great,’ says her brother. Donna isn’t confident at first, but when the balloon goes up into the air, it feels strange and wonderful - and she feels free.
  • Worm Juice
    20,00 TL
    Denise Kirby Worm Juice kitap Mrs Peterson gives her class a big new project - they have to find something they can sell at the Tunbridge Town Fete. At first, Justin’s group don’t know what to sell, but then Justin has a bright idea - they’ll sell ‘worm juice’. Worm juice
  • The Key
    21,00 TL
    Denise Kirby The Key kitap It’s just a little key. Somebody sent it in the mail. But the person it was sent to never got it - and nobody knows who sent it. So now it’s in the Dead Letter Office at the city post office. When Danny hears about it, he decides to solve the
  • Racing the Tide
    23,00 TL
    Denise Kirby Racing the Tide kitap Ella is staying near the beach in Broome. The tides aren’t the only things in Broome that Ella finds unusual - there’s also the strange couple next door, and the story of a missing schoolgirl. When Ella finds a beautiful bracelet, she believes she
  • Between The Flags
    20,00 TL
    Denise Kirby Between The Flags kitap Scott Gordon lives near the beach and belongs to the surf club. Soon he’s going to try for the Bronze Medallion - the first step to becoming a real lifesaver. But his grandmother doesn’t like the idea. When she tells Scott the story of a day that
  • Stop that Musketeer!
    19,00 TL
    Denise Kirby Stop that Musketeer! kitap
  • İngilizce Okuma Seti 2. Seviye (5 Kitap+5 CD)
    67,50 TL
    Denise Kirby İngilizce Okuma Seti 2. Seviye (5 Kitap+5 CD) kitap
  • The Bookshop + CD Nuance Readers Level–2 A1+
    20,00 TL
    Denise Kirby The Bookshop + CD Nuance Readers Level–2 A1+ kitap A1 (Mystery) It's work experience week for Lucy Gardner and her classmates, but Lucy isn't happy – she has to work in an old bookshop that nobody ever goes into. And worse, the owner of the shop is a very grumpy lady. But when Lucy finds an old diary