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Gemma Guasch - Yazarın kitapları

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  • Form - Creative Painting Series (Ciltli)
    Gemma Guasch Form - Creative Painting Series (Ciltli) kitap Form in a painting is the element that lends it visual coherence, and can suggest motion, perspective, or repose as well as shape, whether it derives from combinations of simple triangles, circles, and squares, or complex arrangements of intersecting
  • Color: Creative Painting Series (Ciltli)
    Gemma Guasch Color: Creative Painting Series (Ciltli) kitap Analyzing works by such artists as Edgar Degas, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, and Mark Rothko, this book explains how color in a painting can be used creatively-whether exaggerating or replacing colors found in nature or producing areas of
  • Space (Ciltli)
    Gemma Guasch Space (Ciltli) kitap Titles in the distinctive "Creative Painting" art instruction series focus on creating highly finished, professional quality paintings, and are intended mainly for use by advanced art students. This volume concentrates on the widely divergent approaches
  • Creative Techniques Drawing (Ciltli)
    Josep Asuncion Creative Techniques Drawing (Ciltli) kitap Drawing, the brand-new title in Barron’s growing Creative Techniques series, presents instruction to serious art students and experienced amateurs who want to expand and improve their personal repertory of techniques. Drawing presents 14 radically