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En Çok Satanlar - Literature and Novel

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  • Chess
    11,00 TL
    9,90 TL
    Stefan Zweig Chess kitap Chess Story, also known as The Royal Game, is the Austrian master Stefan Zweig's final achievement, completed in Brazilian exile and sent off to his American publisher only days before his suicide in 1942. It is the only story in which Zweig looks at
  • Divine Comedy 2:Purgatory
    Dante Divine Comedy 2:Purgatory kitap To the consternation of his more academic admirers, who believed Latin to be the only proper language for dignified verse, Dante wrote his Comedy in colloquial Italian, wanting it to be a poem for the common reader...
  • East Of Eden PB
    John Steinbeck East Of Eden PB kitap 'There is only one book to a man' Steinbeck wrote of East of Eden, his most ambitious novel. Set in the rich farmland of Salinas Valley, California, this powerful, often brutal novel follows the intertwined destinies of two families - the Trasks and the
  • Crome Yellow
    Aldous Huxley Crome Yellow kitap
  • Aspern Papers PPC
    Hennry James Aspern Papers PPC kitap Hennry James's famous tale of 'stratagems and spoils' is set in Venice in the 1880s.In an elegant and crumbling palazzo old Miss Bordereau Lives on with her niece, closely guarding her most precious treasure, a hoard of letters written to her in her
  • Jane Eyre PPC
    Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre PPC kitap
  • Forty Thorns
    30,00 TL
    25,50 TL
    Judy Light Ayyıldız Forty Thorns kitap A kaleidoscopic scheme of Turkish history, blending past with present and centering on 60 critical years in the evolution of Ataturk's modern Turkey, as seen through the eyes of a woman of great spirit, the remarkable Adalet, whose epic story parallels
  • Fathers and Sons
    Ivan Sergeyeviç Turgenyev Fathers and Sons kitap
  • Arabian Nights PPC
    Sir Richard F. Burton Arabian Nights PPC kitap This delightful selection of tales from The Thousand and One Nights are masterpieces of the art of storytelling.The beautiful Scheherazade saved her life by entertaining the brutal King Shahryar with these tales of magical transformations, genies and
  • Tom Jones PPC
    Tom Jones Tom Jones PPC kitap Tom Jones is one of the first and finest English comic novels.Henry Fielding's high-spirited hero is a foundling of mysterious origins, discovered abandoned one night in the bed of the wealthy and benevolent Mr Allworthy.
  • Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
    Oscar Wilde Lord Arthur Savile's Crime kitap
  • Mansfield Park (Penguin Classics)
    Jane Austen Mansfield Park (Penguin Classics) kitap
  • Woman In White PPC
    Wilkie Collins Woman In White PPC kitap
  • Maggie: A Girl of the Streets
    Stephen Crane Maggie: A Girl of the Streets kitap
  • Visions of Cody
    Jack Kerouac Visions of Cody kitap An experimental novel which remained unpublished for years, Visions of Cody is Kerouac's fascinating examination of his own New York life, in a collection of colourful stream-of-consciousness essays. Transcribing taped conversations between members of
  • Tenant Of Wildfell Hal PPC
    Anne Brontë Tenant Of Wildfell Hal PPC kitap
  • The Heart of a Dog
    Mihail Afansyeviç Bulgakov The Heart of a Dog kitap
  • Nicholas Nickleby
    Charles Dickens Nicholas Nickleby kitap
  • Return Of The Native PPC
    Thomas Hardy Return Of The Native PPC kitap Set against the seasonal changes of Egdon Heath, The Return of the Native is the story of Eustacia V ye, a proud and passionate young woman, whose heart leads her inevitably towards tragedy.A delay in the marriage of Damon Wildeve and Thomasin Yeobright
  • Philosophy in the Bedroom
    Marquis de Sade Philosophy in the Bedroom kitap
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