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Jane Bowring - Yazarın kitapları

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  • Focus on Reading 3 +CD
    39,00 TL
    G. Flaherty Focus on Reading 3 +CD kitap Each book covers a number of contemporary themes such as entertainment, natural wonders, amazing news stories and sport. The carefully written exercises help students to develop effective vocabulary-building strategies, as well as a broad range of
  • Lost In The Rain (Nuance Readers Level 1)
    19,00 TL
    Jane Bowring Lost In The Rain (Nuance Readers Level 1) kitap When a cute little dog turns up at Sally’s front door, the first thing she wants to do is keep it. After all, the dog doesn’t have a name tag, so how can Sally find its home? But one day in the park she talks with someone who tells her about the
  • Cousins and Crocodiles + CD
    19,00 TL
    Jane Bowring Cousins and Crocodiles + CD kitap Why did Susie’s English cousins come on holiday if they don’t want to have fun? They are in the north of Australia - crocodile country! There’s a lot to do and a lot to see, but Alice is always reading and Jamie is always naughty. Susie isn’t
  • The Secret By The Lake
    20,00 TL
    Jane Bowring The Secret By The Lake kitap