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Nick Butterworth - Yazarın kitapları

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  • After the Storm
    Nick Butterworth After the Storm kitap A storm is raging outside and Percy, the park keeper, is having a sleepless night. When he gets up in the morning, Percy finds that the old oak tree has been blown down. It is a disaster for his animal friends who live there, but Percy is soon devising a
  • Percy's Bumpy Ride
    Nick Butterworth Percy's Bumpy Ride kitap Percy the park keeper has been busy in his workshop for days. As his animal friends try to guess what he is making, Percy suddenly emerges sitting on top of a very strange machine - his new lawn mower.
  • The Secret Path
    Nick Butterworth The Secret Path kitap It's a beautiful spring morning and a perfect opportunity for Percy to trim the overgrown maze. The animals decide to have some fun hiding on the stone lion in the middle of the maze, to surprise Percy.
  • The Rescue Party
    Nick Butterworth The Rescue Party kitap Percy the park keeper is having a day off. It is an ideal day for doing nothing. But Percy's peaceful picnic is disturbed when a rabbit meets with a nasty tumble into an old well. All the animals gather with a rope to help pull the rabbit out. But all
  • The Treasure Hunt
    Nick Butterworth The Treasure Hunt kitap Percy the park keeper is planning a treasure hunt. All his animal friends are to follow a trail of clues around the park and the first one to reach the end will find the treasure. The animals are so excited they can't wait for the hunt to begin.
  • A Tale from Percy's Park:One Snow Night PB
    Nick Butterworth A Tale from Percy's Park:One Snow Night PB kitap