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Pauline O'Carolan - Yazarın kitapları

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  • What Rose Saw
    21,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan What Rose Saw kitap
  • The Man Next Door (CD'li)
    21,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan The Man Next Door (CD'li) kitap When Pat Devlin goes to visit his friend Annie in Glasgow, he is surprised at how rude her next door neighbour is. The man isn't only unfriendly - he also makes a lot of noise, which keeps Annie and her mother awake at all hours. Pat and Annie begin to
  • Playing with Fire
    20,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan Playing with Fire kitap
  • Road to Nowhere
    22,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan Road to Nowhere kitap
  • Deadly Holiday
    21,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan Deadly Holiday kitap Annie is on holiday in Australia with her friend Pat. They’re visiting Pat’s mother Noreen and her new family. But there’s something odd about these people. When Annie hears a conversation between Noreen’s new husband and a strange man, she
  • Double Trouble
    21,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan Double Trouble kitap Some strange things happen to the Robinson family on their holiday on the Fijian island of Tavioka. At first it’s just small things that go wrong – someone steals their shoes, and they find their rooms full of toads! But then they start to feel their
  • Gone (2CD - Nuance Readers Level 3)
    21,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan Gone (2CD - Nuance Readers Level 3) kitap Jenna isn’t sure about her new brother. She is sixteen, and it feels strange that her mother has just had a baby. Then when something terrible happens to the baby, some people think that Jenna may be to blame. But Jenna is determined to save her little
  • The Bride Wore Black
    20,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan The Bride Wore Black kitap A wedding reception turns to tragedy when robbers arrive to steal the guests’ jewellery and a man is shot dead. Molly thinks there’s something very strange about this crime. ‘It’s not a job for you’, her friend tells her. ‘It’s a job for
  • Ride for Your Life
    20,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan Ride for Your Life kitap Annie isn’t happy when she is sent to her aunt’s farm. When she arrives, something is wrong - Aunt Jean is behaving strangely, and Annie’s cousin and uncle are nowhere to be seen. When Annie decides to find out for herself what’s wrong on the
  • The Alati Collection (Nuance Readers Level 4)
    22,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan The Alati Collection (Nuance Readers Level 4) kitap Mia Alati gets a shock when thieves arrive at her family’s villa in the Italian countryside. They have come to steal her father’s fabulous art collection. The thieves have guns, but Mia and her grandmother are smart. When they are taken prisoner, the
  • Stranger Danger
    21,00 TL
    Pauline O'Carolan Stranger Danger kitap Chris Jones doesn’t want to spend the weekend camping with his dad. But he has been in trouble, and his dad has decided that a long hike in the forest is just what he needs. As they sit round the campfire at night, Chris and his dad hear a noise and
  • İngilizce Okuma Seti 2. Seviye (5 Kitap+5 CD)
    67,50 TL
    Denise Kirby İngilizce Okuma Seti 2. Seviye (5 Kitap+5 CD) kitap