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Shambhala - Yayınevinin kitapları

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  • Teachings Of Rumi
    66,00 TL
    Andrew Harvey Teachings Of Rumi kitap How can I- or anyone else-ever cease being astounded The He whom nothing can contain is contained in the heart? - Rumi The sublime words of Rumi illuminate the heart and mind, conveying an experience of Divine Love that is striking and revolutionary.
  • The Rumi Daybook
    88,00 TL
    Mevlânâ Celaleddin Rumi The Rumi Daybook kitap The heart is your student for love is the only way we learn.Night has no choice but to grab the feet of daylight. It'is as if I see Your Face everywhere I turn. It's as if Love's radiant oil never stops searching for a lamp in which to burn. - From The
  • The Rumi Collection
    88,00 TL
    Mevlânâ Celaleddin Rumi The Rumi Collection kitap
  • Rumi's World
    104,00 TL
    Annemarie Schimmel Rumi's World kitap "Annemarie Schimmel has been immersed in Rumi for over forty years. Her scholarship and devotion are magnificent. She has a deep understanding of the poems, the mystical puns, the music, and the dancy inner meanings of Rumi's work." - Coleman Barks,
  • The Rumi Collection (Ciltli)
    89,00 TL
    Mevlânâ Celaleddin Rumi The Rumi Collection (Ciltli) kitap Sifter Of Dust Suppose you know the defınitions of all substances and their products, what good is this to you? Know the true definition of yourself. That is essential. Then, whem you know your own defınition, flee from it, that you may attain to the
  • The Pocket Rumi
    46,00 TL
    Mevlânâ Celaleddin Rumi The Pocket Rumi kitap "The moment I first heard of loveI gove up my soul, my heart, and my eyes." - from Rumi's Rubaiyat The Cry Of The Soul in Love with God has never been more eloqjently expressed than by the great Persian Sufi master jalaluddin Rumi (1207-1273). Readers