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  • Birthday Stories
    47,00 TL
    Haruki Murakami Birthday Stories kitap In this enviable gathering, Haruki Murakami has chosen for his party some of the very best short story writers of recent years, each with their own birthday experiences, each story a snapshot of life on a single day. Including stories by Russell Banks,
  • The New Life
    62,00 TL
    Orhan Pamuk The New Life kitap "His novels erudite, formally experimental yet compulsively readable have won him international esteem." The New York Times Magazine "I read a book one day , and my whole life was changed." With these words, the protagonist of Orhan Pamuk's fiendishly
  • Guns Germs and Steel
    57,00 TL
    Jared Diamond Guns Germs and Steel kitap This book answers the most obvious, the most important, yet the most difficult question about human history: why history unfolded so differently on different continents. Geography and biography, not race, moulded the contrasting fates of Europeans,
  • After The Quake
    47,00 TL
    Jay Rubin After The Quake kitap The economy was booming. People had more money than they knew what to do with. And then the earthquake struck. For the characters in AFTER THE QUAKE, the Kobe earthquake is an echo from a past they buried long ago. Satsuki has spent thirty years hating
  • Underground
    48,00 TL
    Haruki Murakami Underground kitap The true story behind an act of terrorism that turned an average Monday morning into a national disaster. In spite of the perpetrators' intentions, the Tokyo gas attack left only twelve people dead, but thousands were injured and many suffered serious
  • Stamboul Train
    47,00 TL
    Graham Greene Stamboul Train kitap 'One of the most important British writers of the twentieth century..he brought something undeniably new to fiction' - Daily Telegraph Carleton Myatt meets Coral Musker, a naive English chorus girl, aboard the Orient Express as it heads across Europe to
  • Kafka On The Shore
    36,00 TL
    Haruki Murakami Kafka On The Shore kitap "Kafka on the Shore" follows the fortunes of two remarkable characters. Kafka Tamura runs away from home at fifteen, under the shadow of his father's dark prophesy. The aging Nakata, tracker of lost cats, who never recovered from a bizarre childhood
  • Dance Dance Dance
    47,00 TL
    Haruki Murakami Dance Dance Dance kitap High-class call girls billed to Mastercard. A psychic 13-year-old dropout with a passion for Talking Heads. A hunky matinee idol doomed to play dentists and teachers. A one-armed beach-combing poet, an uptight hotel clerk and one very bemused narrator
  • Foucault's Pendulum
    52,00 TL
    Umberto Eco Foucault's Pendulum kitap 'Brilliant, funny, encompassing everything you ever wanted to know about practically everything (including numerology, James Bond's foes, and the construction of sewers) this book is both extraordinarily learned and well plotted' -Sunday Times 'Endlessly
  • Birdsong: The Novel of the First World War
    47,00 TL
    Sebastian Faulks Birdsong: The Novel of the First World War kitap Birdsong was fırst published in 1993 and has gone on to sell over three million copies. It is taught at school and university on both English and History syllabuses and is regularly voted one of the nation's all-time favourite books. Sebestian Faulks is
  • Istanbul: The Collected Traveler
    84,00 TL
    Barrie Kerper Istanbul: The Collected Traveler kitap - Seductive, colorful, and in-depth articles that illuminate the dazzling treasures of Istanbul, from the Grand Bazaar to the Sultans'palaces; the delights of Istanbul's history: and the people and personalities that define the city today. - Personal
  • A Short History Of Byzantium
    74,00 TL
    John Julius Norwich A Short History Of Byzantium kitap "Norwich is always on the lookout for the small but revealing details.... All of this he recounts in a style that consistently entertains." - The New York Times Book Review In this magisterial adaptation of his epic thereevolume history of Byzantium,
  • Norwegian Wood
    36,00 TL
    Haruki Murakami Norwegian Wood kitap When he hears her favourite Beatles song, Toru Watanabe recalls his first love Naoko, the girlfriend of his best friend Kizuki.Immediately he is transported back almost twenty years to his student days in Tokyo, adrift in a world of uneasy friandships,
  • The Snows of Kilimanjaro
    42,00 TL
    Ernest Hemingway The Snows of Kilimanjaro kitap In these Hemingway stories, which are partly autobiographical, men and women of passion live, fight, love and die in scenes of dramatic intensity. They range from hauntingly tragedy on the snow-capped peak of Kilimanjaro, to brutal America with its
  • The Cave
    52,00 TL
    José Saramago The Cave kitap Cipriano Algor, an ageing potter, lives with his daughter and her husband in the shadow of the Centre, a nebulous, constantly expanding conglomerate that provides his livelihood - until it decrees that it is no longer interested in his humble wares.
  • The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
    Haruki Murakami The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle kitap Toru Okada's cat has disappeared. His wifw is growing more distand every day. Than there are the increasingly explicit telephone calls he has recently been receiving. As this compelling story unfolds, the tidy suburban realities of Okada's vagua and
  • Hard-Bloiled Wonderland And The End Of The World
    Haruki Murakami Hard-Bloiled Wonderland And The End Of The World kitap A narrative particle accerlerator that zooms beetween Wild Turkey Whiskey and Bob Dylan, unicorn skulls and voracious librarians, John Coltrane and Lord Jim. Science fiction, detective story and post-modern manifesto all rolled into one rip-roaring
  • Blind Willow Sleeping Woman
    Haruki Murakami Blind Willow Sleeping Woman kitap Here are animated crows, a criminal monkey, an ice man, as well as the dreams that shape us and the things we wish for. Whether during a chance reunion in Italy, a romantic exile in greece, a holiday in Hawaii or in the grip of everyday life, Murakami's
  • The Name Of The Rose
    Umberto Eco The Name Of The Rose kitap 'The late medieval world teetering on the edge of discoveries and ideas that will hurl it into one more recongnisably like ours.. evoked with a force and wit that are breathtaking' Financal Times The year is 1327 Brother William of Baskerville arrives at
  • Silent House
    Orhan Pamuk Silent House kitap
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